A Call to Action – An Anonymous Letter on Bare Record

I invite everyone to read this excellent post on Bare Record and to print off a copy of the letter contained in it, to send to the First Presidency if you agree with it.  It would send a strong message if President Monson received thousands of letters from active Latter-day Saints this week, encouraging our leaders to reconsider their decision to punish children for their parents’ choices, among other grave missteps in handling the LGBT issue.  You’d think they’d prefer our honest feedback, rather than to receive letters of resignation, but I guess ya’ never know.


Office of the First Presidency, 47 East South Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84150-1200

9 thoughts on “A Call to Action – An Anonymous Letter on Bare Record

  1. Owyhee cowboy

    If they want to discriminate that is there business. And I support there right.

    I just wish they would reciprocate and stay out of my business.

    And that is my right!!

  2. Bishop Anon Post author

    Ben – I ask you the same question? Will you criticize everything I do and say? My tone towards the Church has been kinder than yours’ towards me. Are these men so much greater than the least of us?

  3. ben thompson

    Wow, just wow, brother AB. You have an entire blog critical of others and yet you are sensitive when some one points out your behavior or asks a question about the doctrine of Denver’s communities.

  4. Bishop Anon Post author

    Ben, my friend, I am not the least bit bothered that you wish to criticize me. It’s your right to do so. My point is that no matter what the topic is, your response is always an unrelated, seemingly critical comment. You’re welcome to be critical, but I ask you how are you any different than me, whom you criticize as a double agent for Denver Snuffer and for being too critical of the church? I think criticism is healthy if trying to discover truth. Perhaps I’m wrong. If your questions are sincere, I say keep them coming. If you’re here to offer no rebuttal to the concerns being shared that you disagree with and only want to be a heckler then it becomes less interesting. Have you read any of Snuffer’s books?

  5. ben thompson

    I won’t criticize all you do and say…just point out behaviors when you myopically criticize imperfect servants. I’m sure you mean well, I just believe you are misguided. My rebuttal is to look at all the good the Church of Jesus Christ does as well.

  6. Bishop Anon Post author

    Thanks Ben. I respect that you and others may disagree. I think good dialog is healthy. The bigger concern I have is not that these servants are merely imperfect (we all are), but rather whether they are or are not actual prophets, seers, oracles, etc. in the truest sense of these words. And IF NOT, then what? I believe part of our bigger problem as a church is that we fear to make normal observations regarding these leaders thus preventing us from drawing normal conclusions that may lead us away from idolatry and closer to Christ. We have become obsessed with putting men on a pedestal and assume they have the same testimony of Joseph and other prophets. Is this a good thing especially if it’s not true? Joseph never received the adoration from church members of his day equal to what we give these men. They are protected from honest, critical observations from active members who love the Lord and His Church. If they would listen to the feedback rather than excommunicating all who disagree, that would be a huge step in the right direction.

  7. ben thompson

    I’ve read some of Denver’s blog and his lecture, and honestly it seems it is more about him than the gospel. I haven’t read his books, I would have to pay to be able to read them.

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