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Ironic as it may be, Bill Clinton introduced Huma Abedin to Anthony Weiner in 2007.  Huma first met the Clintons when she began working for Hillary in 1996 as a young intern.  Bill actually officiated at their marriage in 2010.

Like Bill, Anthony has a penchant for young women.  His lust and lack of fidelity to his wife cost him his Congressional seat in 2011 and made him a public disgrace, with an unfortunate name.  Of course nowadays that just means you run for office again, and so run again he did in 2013, this time for Mayor of New York.  But yet again a Weiner sex scandal ended his ambitions.

Like Hillary, Huma seemed rather unfazed by her husband’s sexual issues until only recently when his actions seemed to threaten Hillary’s campaign.  Huma then quickly filed for divorce.

Interestingly, Huma is a Muslim and Weiner is Jewish.

I used to work in Washington DC and spent some time on the Hill.  The rumor even back then was that Hillary was a lesbian and that’s why she didn’t care about Bill’s affairs, as long as he did not get caught.  They are said to have an open relationship and Hillary and Huma are believed by some to be lesbian lovers.

Who knows, but either way it’s sad that our politicians so often are so subnormal when it comes to healthy family relations.  And yet our kids are made to think that such infidelity and strange value systems are okay.  (I’m including all politicians in this statement).

Now, after yet another Weiner sex scandal, this time with an underage girl, the Feds have stumbled upon 650,000 emails on his and his wife’s computer, some of which or many of which, may have something to do with Hillary Clinton.

The lighthearted side of me can’t help but find it funny that a guy named Weiner may finally prove to be the downfall for the Clintons.  The name will serve as a great mnemonic device for kids studying US history for generations to come.

Let’s see if Americans and Utahns especially can now overcome their “consciences” by voting for the lesser of two evils, and the only candidate on the ballot that can keep the Clinton Crime Family from retaking office.

If Utah is the reason for Hillary’s victory, then the “Elders of Israel” will not only have NOT saved the Constitution “hanging by a thread” but will rather be the CAUSE for a Constitutional crisis.

For me, every election is about choosing the lesser of evils.  Not about choosing a prophet-in-chief.  Trump is of course no saint, but neither was Romney, or any other candidate to run for the office.

Some of us would rather soothe our consciences than make a decision between two less than ideal choices.  That’s understandable, but I think it’s short sighted.  One of them will win.  And if nothing else, one of them will choose Supreme Court Justices.

We live in this world and often must play with the cards we are given.  Even Mormon who vowed he would not lead his wicked people into battle repented of his oath and did what we must often all do — make the best of what we have until we have something better.

Hopefully the fight over the lesser of evils will not divide us as a people.  I respect those who may disagree with me and recognize that my logic may not be perfect.  But for me, one candidate on the ballot winning means more time for us to prepare.

30 thoughts on “Political Irony

  1. Paul Webb

    This article sickens me. If you are a Mormon or a Christian or even claim to be a “good” person this does your image no good. I follow politics and church related news. This is unequalled in its disgraceful innuendo and… For a lack of a better word….bullshit. I rarely am angry enough to actually shake, but this article did it for me.

  2. Rob

    Well said Anon. Well said. With some good advice in his ear, maybe Trump won’t be as bad as he has seemed at times. With Clinton, we already know what we are getting. Can’t imagine Trump is that bad.

  3. iterry54

    Prediction. There will be no election because Hillary is now in deep trouble and can’t be elected even with the massive voter fraud. Martial law will be established. Utah will likely be the place it begins D&C 112:25.

  4. JJKram

    Your pride and self-righteousness does you no good. This post is right on. Sorry you cannot get past the traditions of your fathers to see that. However, all are free to choose and that is what it’s all about. And…anger is frowned upon in scripture.

  5. JJKram

    If you listened to Trump’s speech at Gettysburg, you would know that your statement “There is nothing in Trump or his proposal that are constitutional”, is incorrect. Or, perhaps you just don’t want to admit it because it is Trump.

  6. Gary Lohmeier

    Paul “Cob”Webb-Go back to your “Safe Place”…your parents basement! Hillary’s illegal actions don’t sicken you, this post does? What a maroon!

  7. Thomas

    What a worthless, juvenile post. “Those who live by the weiner, die by the weiner as they say.” — Really? How old are you? 14?

    Editor’s note — thanks Thomas – you’re right it was a little juvenile to say what I did – I’ve tweaked it slightly.

  8. Shai

    All this post does is shed light on the fact that behind what we “see” politically is a long held and carefully woven agenda in place, used by key people to further gain power, which supports the thinking by those who believe our current political arena is just an “illusion” to make people believe we are still free in this country. That position is fine to take. Further, regardless of what you believe, it does well to investigate the facts and if the facts –well turn out to be true–then each of us owes it to ourselves to be honest about it and think how that might shape our futures individually.

    The Constitution has been in crisis for a very long time, although more recently in the ages the government has just been more open about flaunting it than they have in the past.

    Anger is NOT frowned upon in the scripture as a general statement. There are types of anger: vengeful, unforgiving, petty anger –which is yes frowned upon and then there is righteous anger –which is being angry at the things that makes God angry (being angry at actual crime and injustice and wrong doing for example). Righteous anger is also usually accompanied by sadness and grief for those who chose to make those decisions –Righteous anger is valid, but still must be held within certain bounds when it is expressed for Vengance belongs to the Lord, neither did Michael the angel dare to bring railing accusation….

  9. Dana

    I appreciate your blog and your opinion, but I disagree with the assertion that those who choose to not vote for Trump are by default self righteous.

    The Lord in D&C 98:10–11 said,
    “Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil.
    And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake ALL evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.”

    Mosiah 29:27
    “And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgements of God will come upon you; yea, then is the time he will visit you with great destruction even as he has hitherto visited this land.”

    Never before has it been so clear that the two main choices are evil. The majority of the people will now choose iniquity because the traditions of our fathers say that to do otherwise is throwing away a vote. If everyone would throw their vote away to uphold an honest and good man, that man would win regardless of party affiliation.

    Section 98 is the word is God. He is telling us how to find men to vote for. No where does it say vote for the lesser of two evils if those are the two choices the Gadiantons give you.

    Again, I appreciate your blog. Thanks for writing.

  10. Shai


    This brings up an interesting point. I’ve heard this concept before but to date I haven’t found anyone who really has a good solution. If we throw away our vote to uphold, the good and honest man, how is he upheld if we throw our vote away? What if there is no good candidate to hear from?

    I’m not nitpicking or anything. I’m genuinely interested in hearing some good ideas, from your or others as well.

    Thanks for your insight.

  11. EricDL

    What a sanctimonious, self-righteous comment. Are you really that anal? Pull the stick and loosen up a little.

  12. Dana

    I believe that in the end the Lord is the only one who saves, and he will only save us if we follow his words. I wouldn’t imagine that an honest and wise man could ever be elected today. Joseph Smith was running for president when he was killed. I don’t imagine he would have won if he hadn’t been killed, but should the saints have voted for any others that may have been front runners because they had a better chance of winning? Our individual choices matter, and they not only matter to us collectively but individually. There are other parties running whose platforms are more in line with the constitution. The constitution is the only law of man that is justifiable before the Lord. D&C 98: 5–9.

    And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me. Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land; And as pertaining to law of man, whatsoever is more or less than this, cometh of evil.
    I, the Lord God, make you free, therefore ye are free indeed; and the law also maketh you free. Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn.

    I am voting for Daryl Castle. I know he’s not a perfect man. Nobody is. But Trump and Clinton? No way. Besides, a third party candidate won in 1860 after all 😉

    Joseph Smith said, “It mattereth not whether the principle is popular or unpopular, I will always maintain a true principle, even if I stand alone in it.”(Feb 21,1844. History of the Church Vol. 6 pg. 223)

  13. Kent

    No, Dana. There are only two realistic choices in this election. you are voting for Clinton. So are other LDS people who are firm in their self-righteousness.

  14. AT


    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I’ve heard perspectives similar to the ones you shared by many LDS Church members. Just a couple of quick thoughts.

    I agree with your assessment of Hillary. Referring to her and Willy as a “crime family” is correct.

    “Trump is no saint” is certainly an understatement. Too bad there isn’t a Wikileaks of the communications that go on in his inner circle. I’m confident we’d be just as repulsed by that as we are with every new Hillary revelation.

    I suspect you’re correct that Trump is the lesser of two evils and it may be likely that the moral decay perpetuated by his administration will be less than that inflicted by more Clinton abuse of power. Perhaps, with Trump at the helm we will have longer to repent before the prophesied judgments are dispensed.

    I do not agree, however, that such rationale justifies a vote for evil – even if it is the lesser of two. It may be that there is some sort of accountability for supporting unjust leaders and unjust policies. There are several BoM passages that seem to suggest such is the case. If you refuse to vote for evil and the greater evil wins, I do not believe you are held accountable for that. If you vote for evil, I think you may be held accountable for that.

    All the best to you

  15. Rabbit

    i honestly believe through all of this we have forgotten the source we should ask. i took my question to the Lord and received an answer. At one point i had considered someone else. The spirit reminded me who i was previously told to vote for. I know the choice is mine, but as i am trying to follow the spirit in all things i know what i must do. How many of us consider involving the one whow knows.chrome

  16. iterry54

    Had a thought. In the early Church time of Brigham, Joseph, and later the government was always after the saints. Did the members even bother to vote at all in those days? If so who would they have voted for? Did they even care? Joseph Smith ran for president precisely because there was no one for the Saints to vote for. I don’t believe they were held accountable for anything because it was all out of their hands.

    In our case where the election has been rigged for Hillary it doesn’t even matter if you vote at all. She’ll be elected because of voter fraud. Either that or not since Trump is surging his support might overcome the voter fraud and be elected. If that is the case I think you’ll see the government suspend the election and declare martial law. Perhaps it would be best to sit this one out. I think we are at a time now that it really doesn’t matter. The Gadiantons have taken over the government and therefore we can’t elect good people. It is now clear to me that the Lord is preparing to destroy this nation because of the wickedness of the people. You can’t have abortion, homosexual rights, etc etc and not expect the Lord to bring judgment upon the people. So I don’t think it matters one way or the other if you vote at all or vote for any of them.

  17. Greg

    Jesus would never vote for anybody to have power over any of us.
    Choosing a human to rule over you and to whom you will be a subject of is a rejection of Christ and His gospel. You can’t love your neighbor and at the same time advocate they be robbed, controlled, exploited and threatened by some big gang called a government. Force is satans way, not God’s.


  18. Bishop Anon Post author

    I would be fine if people took the “high road” and simply did not vote. But voting for a spoiler, in my view, is shortsighted. Thanks for your thoughts Greg.

  19. Underdog

    After reading some of the offended Clintonites, “I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men.”

    Btw, the “evil” referred to in “lesser of two evils” should not be confused with fallen man. Hillary, Obama, the Bushes, Bill Clinton, even and most certainly Mitt Romney have sold out to evil. Voting for them or their past opponents (excepting Ron Paul) would be voting for a lesser of two “evils.”

    Trump however is not evil as in “consciously sold out to destroying Liberty and subverting America and having made a pact with Satan and the globalist dark side”. Instead he is fallen man who trusts in the arm of flesh.

    He doesn’t hate America. All the others SAY they’re for America and our Constitution while working OT to destroy it, appearing as sheep, but who are inwardly vicious wolves. But Trump’s “crime” of simply saying crude sexual comments about women is soooo bad that we must somehow categorize him as “evil”.

    Meanwhile the crimes the other politicians esp the Bushes and Clintons have resulted in the destruction of whole countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria) and the death and destruction of millions of lives (just a stat right, who cares?), not including the deaths by legal abortion. Let’s compare: some privately-made lewd comments vs. mass murder.

    And yet Trump is somehow grouped as the lesser of two evils. Give me a break. Trump IS a saint compared to the Jeffrey Dahmers paraded before us by the MSM as legitimate candidates. They are bloodthirsty, demonic, sexually deviant criminals while Trump was outed as fallen man who likes the opposite sex.

    As of 9:30 am EST I predict today (election day), and I hope I’m wrong, that Trump wins in a landslide but Hitlery is announced as the winner by the Gadianton MSM who will blackout the landslide victory and insist all is well in Zion. I hold out faint hope for a Brexit-like victory today.

    And yes, this means less time to repent and prepare.

  20. EricDL

    Amen Underdog!! The brother of Jared was chastised for 3 hours for not calling upon the name of the Lord for 4 years. Moroni said that this was an “evil which he had done” of which he needed to repent. How much more they who profess to believe in the Book of Mormon, need to repent for upholding these secret combinations by voting for Clinton. Was this in ignorance or deliberate?
    Now that being said let us all use this time to repent and prepare. And you who profess to know the way of righteousness, nevertheless wrest the scriptures, turn from your ignorance and begin to believe and look at how the Book of Mormon has warned against such abominations and the inevitable destiny of all who uphold them. We’ve been given a brief stay of destruction. “O [then] be wise. What can I say more?”

  21. Toni

    iterry54, your prediction was wrong (I was also thinking no voting day, but for different reasons). The election was held, as you should know by now, and Trump was elected, as you also should know by now.

    We have had many, many “now is the time for the destruction of our country” meaning politically/nationally, as well as physically. I suspect it will happen when everyone is so tired of the doomsday-sayers that they no longer believe them. That, or it is happening right now, and at a pace that most people don’t realize how bad it is, and that the pace will gradually increase until the destructions are complete. (I’m in that second camp.)

  22. Missy

    Wow ! Just wow! So now we know that Trump won, and 61% of Mormons nationally voted for him. 61% of us voted for this accused rapist, whose wife is a former porn striped. Steve Bannon is his chosen evil henchman in his new cabinet. You state that Hillary and Huma are lesbian lovers. That is not proven. Even so, Mormons have scrapped the bottom of the toilet to put this mentally ill crazy man in the White House. Party of family values? Julie beck giving the opening prayer at a Pence Rally? I am really glad that bigotry has overtaken the church. Oh wait! It has always been there. Ask me. I have a half black granddaughter. Mormons sold their do for 30 pieces of silver. See you all in church….,

  23. Gramma

    Enjoyed this commentary as I always do. Now Pres.-Elect Trump has his VP heading the transition team, and as lies and falsehoods flood the MSM and we each either celebrate or snivel for our preferred candidate we seem to have forgotten “people get the government they deserve”.
    Personally, I’m relieved Trump won but I’ll be sad if she never faces trials and convictions for the horrific things she has done.
    As a retired journalist, please know i did not come to my preference for Trump without actual research and disappointments.
    He is NOT LDS and thus isn’t held to the same moral standards we do. For example the Lord in the 10 Commandments tells Donald he mustn’t behave inappropriately with another man’s wife and unless I’m mistaken he’s been accused (probably falsely if the British plane passenger that made an accusation is as dishonest as another fellow passenger witnessed) of actions yet to be proven. Or we can review another woman’s accusation that fell on laughter when Trump could produce a letter from her to him complimenting his professional conduct working and in association with him. He plans to deal with the accusations thru legal channels.
    I don’t like his language in the audio tape, but his locker room language doesn’t offend me as much as Mrs. Clinton’s lies, and lies, and lies and theft from the Haitians or the gifts she has received from some of the most evil people in global leadership.
    As saints we are compelled to appreciate an individual’s worth by God’s standards…
    22 Now the Lord had shown unto me, Abraham, the intelligences that were organized before the world was; and among all these there were many of the noble and great ones;
    23 And God saw these souls that they were good, and he stood in the midst of them, and he said: These I will make my rulers; for he stood among those that were spirits, and he saw that they were good; and he said unto me: Abraham, thou art one of them; thou wast chosen before thou wast born.

    We may not see Trump today as “good”, but God did and set him apart for the work he is to do.

    Many have had dreams and visions he will be killed while in office. If this comes to pass, we will know Trump was good enough to pose a threat to Satan’s last days plans.

    Let’s cease any listening ear to the current litany of fault finders and weary God with our prayers on Trump’s behalf. Good or bad, he needs our prayerful support.

  24. Robert

    And yet you would have a literal Satanist in WH? Did you bother to look up Spirit Cooking and John Podesta? Or the connections the Clintons have with a convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. Did you look into the actual crimes that the Clintons have done over the years or did Trump hurt your feelings and that is what makes him a bad man? Wail and gnash your teeth at all of the “bigots”, it’s a big part of the reason Trump won.

  25. iterry54

    I’m not convinced Trump will take office. We still have two months left of the most dangerous and criminal administration that has ever been elected.

  26. Dave the Disappointing

    Breathe, Paul Webb, breathe. You will survive the shocking horror of someone expressing an opinion you don’t like. You are like many people I know here in my home in liberal land who have given themselves permission to overreact to the recent election of he who, out of consideration for the tender feelings of people like you, shall remain nameless in this comment. Paul, here, take this fuzzy blanket, buddy. Paul, that’s it, breathe, friend. Paul, relax. Thaaaaat’s it. Good. See? See the safety pin I’m wearing? This means nobody’s going to hurt you while I’m around. You are like the Democrat half of my family who were “not feeling well” and could not receive calls, texts, emails or visits from Republican family members until Thanksgiving Day. You remind me of the Facebook friend of my wife and daughter who posted a rant declaring “to all of my Facebook friends who voted for [he who shall remain nameless in this comment], I hate you.” These are all good people, but they are taking advantage of the self-granted, liberal privilege of throwing a temper tantrum. They declare how something is making them feeeeel, and in this case they feel really upset. It is “their truth,” and everyone around them has to give them validation. They don’t actually have to express rational, logical thought–even though they would be capable of doing so if they exercised some mature self-control. Instead, they exhibit effusive emotion, which, in the sometimes-you-just-need-a-good-cry era of discourse, is considered acceptable. But back to you, Paul, which is what this is about, accept this hug from me. I think you have stopped shaking. Good.

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