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Brazen Servants

Brazen Servants

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, brazen supporter of liberal causes. AP Images – Rick Bowmer

In light of Dieter Uchtdorf’s recent financial support for political candidates and causes that promote the killing of innocent children, the Church felt like it was a good idea to lead with him at this weekend’s conference–as if to say, “We still have confidence in our Apostle… and you can too.”

Sadly, the Church was complicit if not responsible for Uchtdorf’s official, less than forthright response.  They should have just told the truth.  Instead they now continue to seek to cover up their sins.

The saddest truth emerging from this experience is that we can now know, by the fruits of this alleged prophet, seer, and revelator, that he is not any of these things.  He can’t be, even by the Church’s own definition, which would prevent him from holding a temple recommend.

Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  

As a bishop, I interviewed an Area Seventy for his Temple Recommend.  His reply to this question was, “Yes.  Boy Scouts.”  I laughed, and agreed with him.  His answer was truthful.  But, he went on to say that this was not the real intent of the question.  It was targeted towards polygamy and “apostasy,” he said.  Ironically, Biden is considered apostate by many leaders of his own church.  (Read here)

Elder Uchtdorf and likely other members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve financially support and agree with individuals and groups whose teachings and practices are contrary to and oppose those accepted by the Church and as taught in the Scriptures.  These individuals and groups support abortion, gay marriage, deviant lifestyles, and they teach propaganda and lies to our children.  Even if Uchtdorf does not agree with some of the leftist communist agenda, his financial support to these groups and people is funding the above mentioned evils.

In President Benson’s day such members who openly supported socialism and communism and abortion and the agenda of Sodom, would have been dealt with if not excommunicated.  They would have been fired from BYU or other Church employment.  Released as a Church leader.  But today, it is these woke “prophets” who are financially supporting such wickedness, with no apologies.

As I watched Elder Uchtdorf today, I was both sad and offended.  I am not so easily persuaded by flowery words with no mention of his “deep regret” for breaking Church law and lying about it.  Don’t have him speak first and pretend like nothing happened.  They would have us look to him and his apostle colleagues and to President Nelson as a brazen serpent to be saved rather than be honest about their public sins and point us to Christ.  In their minds, it is only through them that we are saved.  On Easter Sunday weekend, that idea is deeply offensive.

They are indeed brazen.