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Hiding Skeletons

While his friends and family went to war or were serving missions, young college student Russell M. Nelson was being initiated into a secret society known as Skull and Bones at the University of Utah. Founded at Yale University in 1832, Skull and Bones has become known as a very dark and controversial organization.

Rumors abound of their thievery (they were sued in 2009 for allegedly stealing the skull of the famous Apache Indian, Geronimo), blood drinking, obsession with death and specifically infanticide, lewd acts while naked in a coffin while others watch, and potentially homosexual and other satanic rituals. One known recording exists from inside what they call The Tomb. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can learn more about Skull and Bones in this recently published video:

Skull and Bones is said to have ties to the Illuminati and is said to exist for the purpose of raising up leaders to eventually establish a One World Order that it controls. President Taft and both President Bushes and their predecessor Senator Prescott Bush and John Kerry are just a few of said members.

For any assuming Russell M. Nelson’s membership in this controversial organization is unfounded, President Nelson himself admits to having joined Skull and Bones while at the U in his autobiography entitled From Heart to Heart, published in 1979. The only challenge is it’s become increasingly hard to procure a copy. Interestingly the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not sell or print their own president’s autobiography. Why would that be? It’s not available at Deseret Book or Seagull Book. It is available on Amazon however, for $2,495. Yes, that’s right. In fact, one seller has their copy listed for $2,950. Given the “demand” for the book, one would think the Church would do well to make copies available. Just as a side note, President Benson’s book An Enemy Hath Done This is still available on Amazon for $34 and at Deseret Book for $19.95.

From his chapter entitled University Life and Courtship Days on page 48, Nelson writes in his own words:

“University life was wonderful and successful. On April 3, 1944 I was elected president of the Sigma Chi fraternity. I was also later elected to the honorary societies of Skull and Bones in the junior year, Owl and Key in the senior year, the Beehive Honorary Society in the senior year, and at graduation time to the honorary scholastic societies of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa. I was awarded my B.A. degree in June commencement of 1945, and there on hand was Dantzel, along with our dear parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives who always did so much to encourage me. Dantzel got her bachelor’s degree a year later in 1946.”

In a cursory search on LDS.org, one finds no mention of their Church leader’s autobiography nor is there any mention of President Nelson’s membership in Skull and Bones, which by the way, is said to be a life long commitment. Apparently there are oaths one must take that endure to the grave and beyond.

I’m now trying to confirm whether or not Skull and Bones members are in fact required to give all their wealth to the Skull and Bones organization upon death, which is something I’ve read. Wouldn’t that be an interesting plot twist, given that the entire wealth of the Church is currently in the name of Skull and Bones member Russell Marion Nelson. It seems certain that at a minimum, according to the research done by the authors of the above video, that initiates are given assurances that they will always be “taken care of” by their order… whatever that means.

Is it possible that as a result of some kind of secret oath and sworn loyalty, that this dark organization now has an undue influence in some of the Church’s more recent decisions to compel untested global vaccinations and compliance, to refuse to offer religious exemptions for the same or to come out in open and excited support for legalizing gay marriage?

Without question, President Nelson, has pushed to be seen as the world’s Global Faith Leader. Coincidence? Or is something amiss.

We all have our skeletons, but this is one that I think the Church needs to explain, along with why it’s trying to starve / destroy the existence of President Nelson’s autobiography. Members are losing faith in Church leaders precisely because they seek to hide the truth and their works are in the dark.  2 Ne. 11:21 RE