The “Meet The Mormons” Success

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This week the LDS church presented a check for $1.8M to the American Red Cross, an organization that supports Planned Parenthood and abortion.  In what is being celebrated as a huge success by church leaders, Meet the Mormons has now profited an amount that nearly covers the salary of the CEO of the American Red Cross for the next 24 months!

“We are absolutely thrilled that this production was received so well,” said Bishop Stevenson.

So well!?  Why so well?  Because “All is well!”  All is always well in the new PR church.  Every success and every failure presented with the same positive spin.

$1.8 million dollars.  That’s a large amount of money for most of us.  But, let’s be honest, is that it?  Let’s be more honest, it’s all money that came from members of the church who listened to the call of a prophet.


Holland Meet Mormons

15 million strong and all we made was $1.8M?  With all the Family Night tailgate parties at movie theaters and all we made was $1.8M?  Do the math!  Did we really achieve the goal?

“The goal of that movie was to bring a greater understanding of who we really are and to let people know how the gospel of Jesus Christ has influenced lives in positive ways,” said Stevenson.

I call BS.  No pun intended Bishop Stevenson.  I say an “apostle” a “prophet, seer, and revelator” “strongly encouraged” the entire church to go watch an informercial, to “buy up movie theaters” and the end result was a meager Mormon turn-out that now contributes a measly $1.8M to a corrupt and worldly organization.

Is this really something we should be bragging about on the front page of


Right below an ever so important message as “You’ll Never Go Wrong by Following the Prophet.” ?


Is anyone else concerned out there of the direction the church?  Is it so wrong to be concerned?  Is it “apostate” to be so concerned?  I would simply ask the church to be as “honest” in their accounting for other “profits” and “losses” of the entire $35B church corporation.  It seems content in boasting what it gives to the “poor” (Matthew 6:3), but refuses to account for how it spends the widows’ mite.

14 thoughts on “The “Meet The Mormons” Success

  1. brotherjr

    We support American Red Cross wh. promotes abortion and planned parenthood. We support Boy Scouts of America wh. puts homosexual boys in tents with 12 yr old pre-pubescent boys out in the woods at night. We know it is OK to advocate for homosexual marriage and maybe even march in gay pride parades because an Apostle has said so. We honor the worst criminals in the world at BYU with honorary degrees (Dick Cheney) and we let the vilest of men speak to the impressionable students of BYU (Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller)…but, DO NOT under any circumstances, listen to or seek to associate with, or publicly agree with, anyone who tells you he has a message from the Lord and that he has spoken face to face with the Lord, if he is not from within the elite hierarchy of the Red Cushion Chairs; that will get you shunned, your TR yanked, and maybe even put you in a “court of love”.
    Strange times!
    James Russell Uhl

  2. anon ht family

    Because Denver totally has to hide how he really feels? otherwise he might get thrown out of the church?

  3. Anonymous home teacher

    only when he wants to subtly gain more support for his teachings and “communities”

  4. Toni

    The 1.8 million was the profit. Somewhere on the internet is the amount it cost to make the film. They recouped their losses before they donated the money. Still doesn’t equal $1 per member, though.

  5. jason law

    whether it is denver or one his followers- it doesn’t really matter. the intent is still the same- conversion to his criticsms.

  6. rockwaterman1

    Nice try, Anonymous Home Teacher. I happen to know both Anonymous Bishop AND Denver Snuffer and I can tell you they are two separate and distinct personages.

    Further, the Bishop and Denver are friends. They have been seen publicly together.

    The actual Truth is that Anonymous Bishop is Thomas S. Monson. Think about it: have you ever seen the two of them together?

    Well okay then. Mystery solved.

  7. jason law

    So anonymous bishop has to be anonymous because he is almost like an undercover operative for Denver snuffer, who was excommunicated from the LDS church and says he has wrestled the priesthood authority from the first presidency and quorum of the 12? Has anonymous or undercover bishop joined one of Denver’s communities as well, and been re baptised by them like some of Denver’s other followers?

  8. Linda

    The LDS Church has members who are literally starving to death, and suffering because of diseases associated with unclean water.
    Who in their right minds, with any semblance of charity, any concern for one of the least of their own, makes a big deal about donating much needed money to the Red Cross, instead of taking care of their own members?
    I am confident that Christ had high hopes that the church leaders would finally do the right thing and take care of their own destitute, sacrificing members first. No such luck.
    FYI The Red Cross skims off a huge percentage for their CEOs, etc.
    It makes me angry that the believing but starving are ignored while the fat cats at Red Cross enjoy their cruises, etc. receive money belonging to the people of the LDS church.

  9. Dale B.

    As a former film student I studied the murky world of film finance and accounting. Now the LDS Church has joined that murky world with their own. It’s a match made in heaven! I wonder if cross-collateralization is involved? Too bad Daymon wasn’t there to give us the behind the scenes play-by-play.

    If the best thing the Church could think to do with the money was to invest in the Red Cross, maybe we should be doing likewise with our Fast Offerings? Is this a tacit admission that as long as it’s tax deductible, all charities are created equal?

    In the investing world, there is a concept that if a company can’t invest money within their business to make a decent return, they should return that money to the shareholders and let them invest it. Too bad that idea hasn’t taken hold at the Church.

    If we can only improve the profit from these kinds of ventures in the future, we might have enough to build another mall! Think of it, the Kingdom of God being built one mall at a time! Why, in no time, if we could encourage members to buy enough costly apparel, as outlined in the Book of Mormon and put in practice at City Creek, we could lift the nation’s finances and spread the Word of God through our merchandising arm. I suggest that we start putting up Church logo clothing in those glass cases by the Bishop’s office; it will give new members some idea what they can aspire to if they pay enough tithing;-)

  10. Bishop Anon Post author

    Some great points! Thanks for your comment. I really think it is a tacit admission that in their own minds they are similar enough to the Red Cross that even they don’t distinguish, perhaps even more top heavy in expenses etc.

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